Life means growth, and growth means maturity. A mature person is one who can make decisions and commitments and be faithful to them, even though it may be difficult to carry them out.

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The Church welcomes you as you prepare to celebrate your 15th birthday. It is important to remember that this celebration is not a sacrament but it should be one of thanksgiving for having received life, and an acceptance of the duties life brings with it when you live it according to love and the commandments of God.

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It goes without saying that your involvement in your Church and your love for God is an important part in your life as individuals and as a family. Though the Quinceañera is not a sacrament, it is still a religious celebration that calls for certain protocols on behalf of the Church and those who request the celebration.

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If you would like more information, please contact the Church office at (559) 834-2624.

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